It’s easier than you think to visit Albania!

National Tourism Agency Map

Foreign tourist arrivals have increased by an average of 12% annually since 2013, in my opinion it’s easy to see why…

Since my first visit to Albania 5 years ago, it’s clear to me the government is working towards it’s goal “to attract 10 million tourists per year by 2025”

With increased flights last year in to the country’s main airport – 

and vast improvements made to the road infrastructure during this time, has already made it easier for tourists arriving by air or road to visit and explore this beautiful country.

However with the construction of a new airport in Vlore to begin shortly, plans to build another in Saranda, ongoing investment to ports to accommodate larger cruise ships and the rehabilitation of important rail links from Tirana-Durres-Airport & Vlora-Shkodra, I truly believe Albania will reach it’s goal and feel now is a great time to Visit and Invest in this Balkan Gem.

Albania really does have it all – from National parks, amazing beaches, beautiful scenery to fresh delicious food and exceptionally friendly local people.

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