It’s easier than you think to invest in Albania!

Property prices in Albania are amongst the lowest in Europe.

A fledging international property market is developing in this small country which sits next to the Adriatic sea, nestled between Greece and Montenegro.

Property prices have been increasing by approximately 20 per cent annually for the past five years.

Albania is an emerging market, very much in transition so therefore not a perfect international property destination but for me Albania has everything: 180 days of sun a year, beautiful scenery, friendly locals, great food and wine. Not only that, the cost of living is very affordable and so too is property.

Our investment journey started in October 2015, 2 years after our first visit to this Balkan Gem.

Following our first trip in September 2013, to many more visits in those 2 years, we fell in love with Albania and the dream to own a holiday home here began!

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